We are proud to offer our customers the future of RPDs!

The Bertram SLM Partial illustrates our commitment to our customers, dedication to quality, ongoing education and technology.

(Selective Laser Melting)

  • SLM = Selective Laser Melting. (Frameworks are 3D printed/sintered directly to metal with unparalleled precision.)
  • Fully CAD/CAM designed and manufactured frameworks.
  • 2 Year full replacement warranty. (We will create an exact reproduction of the original.)
  • In a one month clinical study conducted by the faculty of dentistry at McGill University, 5 out of 5 patients prefer a SLM CAM/CAM manufactured framework versus traditional casting.
  • 100% Made in the USA with FDA approved materials (Chrome Cobalt Alloy)

See exactly how they are made in the video below: